Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A12 Dakota Inspired Clue #2


Dakota Inspired Clue #2

For this clue we will be using your Medium Blue and Light Fabrics – do not throw any away… you will need them again ;-)


For this clue we are making 48 Med Blue/Light Rail blocks that will measure 4 inches x 4 ½ inches. 

This step took me just over 30 minutes :


Here is my Method – Feel free to use whatever you’d like:


Medium Blue:  cut 3 wof (width of fabric) Strips 4 ½ inches, and sub cut these into 24  - 4 ½ inch squares


Light:  cut 3 WOF strips 4 ½ inches ,

and sub cut these into 24 – 4 ½ inch squares


Pair 1 Light with 1 Med Blue – right sides together.

Stitch on two sides ¼ inch from the edge.

Slice in the center ( at the 2 ¼ inch mark)

 *Look closely at the photo for the two stitch lines*

Press open


And Ta da – you will have:

 48  -  4 x 4 ½ inch rail blocks

Click Here for a Printable PDF 


Kathy Wayne said...

Looking forward to working on this today.

Unknown said...

Hi Alycia,
Who throws fabric away? Not me! I have a scrap obsession. How 'bout you? Thanks again for doing these mysteries. I LOVE not knowing what I am doing. lol

The Joyful Quilter said...

Looking forward to the next step, Alycia!

Delighted Hands said...

I'm so ready to tackle this new clue! Thank you!