Monday, July 28, 2008

Its Naomi Day

I recieved a wonderful box from Naomi and the Magic Valley Quilters. The Virtual MQX quilt I already posted was in it and then there were 4 More!!! It was great fun hanging them up on the curtain rod and taking pictures. The second one looks very string like.
Each one of them has a cute little crocheted bookmark made by one of the ladies in the group. All of the quilts are so comfy , patriotic and soft. A couple of them came in tote bags that were really neat too.
Today it is pretty warm here and I can see the Thunderstorms building.
We had swim practice in the morning and there was an empty lane. Another mom and I swam in it... we tried to beat the kids.. didn't happen ;-) Well she might have beat them once or twice - but I sure didn't. Oh to be in shape again (giggle)
Then it was off to sports physicals - I have one Swimming and One playing Football this fall.
Today is also my parents anniversary - 41 years and they still like each other ;-) We called them as they were going to town for an anniversary lunch... or maybe it was the early bird special (tee hee)
Have a great one!!


Vicki W said...

These are fantastic quilts! Pretty soon your house is going to be full to the brim.

marilyn said...

Alycia, please tell your parents congratulations on the anniversary! My parents just celebrated #44 and they still like each other too =) Isn't it wonderful to have such great examples of loving parents? My husband and I are about to celebrate our 20th. Who would have thought he could have put up with me and all my crazy hobbies for so long.

Anonymous said...

Alycia, I so enjoyed seeing what you are doing in Colorado for the Quilts of Valor project. I feel so connected to quilters from around the country who I know are doing the same thing in their own state for our wounded soldiers.

The Quiltwhinny

Jackie Russell said...

Love all the RW&B quilts!