Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Rita Day

I recieved two very lovely quilts from Rita P. in IL. Today one of the teachers at the school came over and we ohhed and awwed over them - a LOT! So Rita if your ears were burning - sorry - it was us! They both came with Great matching pillowcases. You can see them hanging in the top right hand corners. My quilt holder helpers were busy - eating ( again).
Beautiful workmanship! Thanks so much for sending them our way. The teacher - Mrs D was as overwhelmed by the generousity as I am !
My quilting studio is taking on a whole new look with these finished quilts and tops, and its really fun to look at!
Have a great day


Patchwork Penguin said...

They are lovely!!! Alycia, please email me your name/address information. I am sure I have a top or two to send your for the challenge. Oh and what size quilt tops are you looking for?


Wendy said...

How exciting to see that you've already passed the number of quilts you delivered last May!