Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And there's more!

Way back in September I was invited to go visit Rosalie's sewing group. Her group sews on Thursday Mornings in a small corner room at her church in Greeley.
I went and told them about Quilts of Valor and our challenge. I also took a couple of Stars and Bars patterns and the fabric half way cut for one. I had thought I would sew it, but they volunteered - and you CAN NOT say no to that! Plus I knew I had more fabric to cut.... (hmmmm? Really? )
I had also passed out the Not So Top Secret Project pattern to bribe folks to sew.
Last night Rosalies group showed up with EIGHT! ... count 'em eight quilts! All of them are wonderful. But I have to tell you - I was really drawn to the scrappy Not So Top Secret quilt. I really think I should make one that scrappy. I took them all home, and layed that one out and just stared.
Ladies - Thank you SO much!!

But Wait!!! There are EVEN more..... and yesterday my UPS man showed up with a Dolly full of boxes.... so there are more that one can imagine - and you HAVE to come back to see them all.
My one observation? We quilters work great under pressure.... come back tonite!
We are at 709 now......


Ann said...

It's amazing to watch the quilts flow in. All unique and all beautiful. Thanks for inspiring us to contribute to this great project.

Pat said...

Congrats to you for organizing this giant effort to cover all the soldiers in the unit! and congrats to everyone who donated their talent! :)

JuJu said...

Celebrate Alycia!!! YOU DID IT!!!
700 plus! WoW!!!

Andi said...

I am addicted to sewing QOVs now! It's wonderful to have an outlet for my hobby, since everyone in my family has several quilts now.