Thursday, March 05, 2009

The rest of the quilt (s)

From the Geneseo quilters. I swear these ladies must quilt in their sleep! Aren't these 5 quilts great?

It is a lot of fun to see so many different quilts. The variety never ends!

Today it is awful windy - again - and it is starting to make me wish for snow or rain. It is very dry, and the fire danger is so high. So those of you on the east coast - send the snow this way please, or you can send it as rain.

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LizA. said...

I can't believe how many quilts are pouring in. It's fantastic to see. As for the weather, you need to be asking those of us on the West Coast (or LEFT coast) as some would say for your weather wishes. We'll be sending you all kinds of good stuff as it's raining, and hailing right now. Been doing it all day.