Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quilts of Valor for today

These quilts are so wonderful! Won't the Wounded Warriors feel our love with them? I know they will feel the hug these Quilts of Valor are intended to be!
This first quilt on the left - the stars comes from Marcia at the Northwest Surburban Quilts Guild in Ill. Thanks Marcia!!
The next quilt on the left was made and quilted by Julia in NE. She is in my Heartstrings group! Thanks Julia!!
Oh - and it is a Not So Top Secret Project quilt!
The next quilt on the right is from Connie R in OH. We really have stared at it trying to fiugre out exactly how those blocks went together and how she kept them all straight. Its quite impressive!! Thanks Connie!

In my last post - I showed you some quilts from Peggy in NJ - well - I forgot three of them. I must have taken there pictures on different days. I am so sorry - but these three lovelies came from her too! Thanks for all your hard work Peggy!

Thank you all for taking the time to make these and send them this way! I know the soldiers will love them!!

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