Wednesday, March 04, 2009

When good kids go bad.

They sneak up behind you and move in on the sewing machine. And they tag team each other - so there is no room for Mom. It's rough I tell you. I have learned that I do not like to share - but they still don't care! They take my fabric - they cut it, they sew it and they iron it.... what is a Mom to do? Punishment suggestions???
~Well at least they got some stuff done right? They are about half way thru with a quilt top , so I guess it kept them out of trouble!
The first quilt on the right was made by Kaycee B - a 12 year old from Castlerock. Her Grandma told her about our project, so she sat down and made her first quilt ever - and decided to give it to QOV. Grandma ( Diana) quilted it - and WOW! Kaycee did an awesome job. I still can't believe that she gave her FIRST quilt away! Thanks Kaycee!

The next three quilts come from the Awesome women of Geneseo Quilt Guild in Illinois. They are so cool! And prolific - and I love them! Thanks Ladies ( and the gentlemen who drive you to Colorado!!)

I have been trying to email everyone that sends us a quilt to let you know that I have recieved it. But I don't have emails for some of you - so keep watching the blog. I am so tickled that I can not keep up with you all - who would have ever thought that I would have a reason to blog every day - even on the weekends. My life is not that exciting ( sorry). But this is truly awesome!!

Hope you all have a great day! It's supposed to be warm and sunshiny today - makes me think of planting a garden.

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