Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From Peg and Peggy

Peg in Alamosa sent these first two quilts( the ones on the left side of the post). The autumn colored one - its flannel! Yummy!! The other one
has a ton of half square triangles in it. I am so impressed with people who do these!
Thanks Peg!
The next two quilts ( on the right side) are from Peggy in NJ!! They are so great! Sometimes I wonder if the pictures are doing the quilts justice? I love these quilts - the patriotic fabrics are great. ! Thanks so much Peggy!
After my morning post - My blog got marked as spam and they locked it. I had to fill out a request and they un locked it, but it put a dent in my plans. I had a list ( a REAL one) and when it was time to do tuesdays post - I was locked out of my blog. So I was moping and ... the power went out - ummm excuse me!! I need the power... I want the power... oh, oops got carried away there.
So for an hour I had to skip things on my list that required power. But now it is back on, my blog is unlocked, my kids all have new shoes, and they are in bed! Did you know that if your feet grow faster than your shoes, the shoes get holes in them?
Hope you all had a great day! And Thanks Peg and Peggy for these quilts!


Suzanne Earley said...

I'm so glad you are unblocked.

Who knew about the shoe thing? ROFLOL

Aren't quickly-growing boys great?

Anonymous said...

I totally understand about the power thing! I had a gal coming over to help me with QuickBooks on Tuesday...and wouldn't you know it the power went out FIVE minutes before she got here! Fortunately it was only out about 45 minutes...

Shoes....hmmm. Maybe that is what is up with my kids. Does it work with jeans, shirts, socks, and leggings also? LOL

Bari B in MO