Thursday, March 12, 2009

Connie in Idaho

I beat my children up this morning.... oh that sounds bad - I am awake before them... shew that sounds better. And on days off that rarely happens, they are usually up at 5am on days with no school. Of course school days are a completely different story! Maybe - I wore them out yesterday.
And maybe, just maybe I will post a few times today. You need to see these quilts!!! ( and leave a comment to those that made them! - Hint hint)
These three quilts were made by Connie E in Boise Idaho. They are all really cool.
Connie's dad was in the navy and some of the print she used had Navy Insignia on it. Very very awesome!! Thanks Connie for contributing to our Quilt of Valor project!!
Alright - off to make a hearty breakfast. Or maybe get the cereal bowls out!!
See ya soon!


LizA. said...

Wow! These are stunning quilts. I can't believe how many are coming in. You're going to need a U-haul truck to deliver them all!

Anonymous said...

The quilts are great! The imagination of these ladies never fails to amaze me.

Shari in AZ