Saturday, March 21, 2009

Amy in MI

Made and quilted these 4 quilts for the wounded soldiers. The first is one of the Not So Top Secret Project quilts. I love the color combo!!
Next is a BQ9 I believe. I really like this one too!!
I don't know the pattern of the last two - but the color combinations are fabulous!!

Thanks Amy for doing this!

Hope you all have a great Saturday. It is National Quilting Day ya know! And it is sunny outside, and Wrangler Man made breakfast ( and cleaned up after it), this has the makings of a GREAT day!!! Does anyone have specific plans for National Quilting Day?


Anonymous said...

Hey Alycia, maybe I am having a blond moment - what is a BQ9? Sounds like you are having a great day with hubby fixing breakfast AND cleaning up!

I have a wedding planned for today - no sewing for me! I don't even have the top for the lucky couple done yet...LOL.

Have a wonderful day!
Bari B - MO

marilyn said...

I went to a quilt show and had the best time! I sent a box of quilt tops and fabric and backings and stuff for you to play with yesterday. PO said 7-10 days. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect beginning to the day! I went to quilt club today and we made 42 QAYG blocks to add to the one's I've already made & collected for the folks in AU. Good quilting day!
Shari in AZ