Friday, March 20, 2009

Its Finally Friday

I think that might be a song? This week has just gone by way to fast, and we had way to much to do.. extracurricularly (I have no clue how to spell that and my kids are at school - so I can't ask). We have a few more things to do this week still... and there is the final perfomance of the play tonite!
This first quilt was sent in from Mary K in NJ. I really like how it turned out. She sent some tops too - but you will have to see those when they are quilted. Sandi did the binding on this quilt. Thanks Ladies!!
These next two quilt were made by Willa of the Livermore quilters. She really got into making tops - which is really cool. When she came to our first sew day she was rather concerned. She had never finished a quilt top before, and was worried she wound't know how to. Its fun watching her tops as they start to get more interesting as she figures this topping thing out.
These two were quilted by Christine N in Michigan. Thank Christine for you time and wonderful quilting!!

The last two for this morning were quilted by Sue D in Illinois. The first one was made by Beth L in MD - Beth Pipe up with your blog addy. *** Here it is: ***I know it is in my computer.... its hiding this morning.
Sue did an wonderful job on these quilts!
The Patriotic one was made by Willa too - see I told you she got on a roll! Thanks Sue for quilting them.
Have a great one!

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Beth said...

WOW it's so nice to see one of my tops quilted for the project :) My blog addy is

Thanks for posting the pictures :)