Friday, November 27, 2009

Finishing Things

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We spent a couple of days out east of us doing a little pheasant hunting. The first day turned out to be pretty miserable - but we perservered for about 4 hours - then headed back to the hotel to SWIM!! Much warmer.

This is my Dad, Goombah #1, Goombah #2, and Wrangler Man. I, of course am behind the camera. - oh and the dog is Hagen. Emma is ready to have puppies so she was back at the hotel with Grandma and Goombah #3, who was all worn out from the day before. We walked thru a million miles of corn fields and not down the rows either - across them - lots of stepping!

We came back in time to cook turkey for Thanksgiving day, and I even did some experimenting. I ended up making a really good rice stuffing that was competely gluten free. Everyone except middle son liked it. But he doesn't really like rice anyways. So my feeling were not hurt (grin)


Today the boys all headed out to the WYO vs CSU football game. A boys bonding moment, that has let me take over the whole house. And I started finishing things. First I finally finished the borders on my Chunky Churndash!

Remember way back when... I asked if you all thought it was finished. The majority of votes said I needed a skinny white border and a large red border. And you know what... I LOVE it!! You all have great ideas.....

These are the tops in progress. The Green and Black one in the back is all put together and now it needs a border, but I need to go get fabric for it. I *surprise* do NOT have any of this in my stash. My sweet Friends Charlotte and Myrna gifted me with the fabrics - and I LOVE them. Can't wait to finish it and get using it!
The quilt in the middle is the wonky log cabin blocks that the 5th grade kids made as practice blocks. They are all set in a top and now I will work on the borders. You can see on kind of laying there on the left side.
I know there are a few sew alongs going on around in blog world - and I think they finally inspired me to finish up some things.... so back to work!

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Lindah said...

So, did you get any pheasants? Stomping the corn fields brings back memories of my childhood stomping days. --but in our area, there was no snow. And not all that cold either. I don't remember that my mom EVER cooked a turkey. She always had chicken ready to fry, in case we didn't get any pheasants. But she always made dressing(stuffing) and all the other good stuff to go along with the pheasants/chicken.