Friday, November 13, 2009

Estes Park

We traveled up to Estes Park today. It is the little town right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. Anyone who comes to Colorado NEEDS to go here! This is a great little town but the park is amazing. And there are 2 quilt shops.
It started snowing as we were getting ready to go - so we grabbed Toothbrushes and PJ's - just in case. And of course, wouldn't you know - the drive up was pretty snowy, but the drive down was perfect. That only happened because we were prepared to have to stay in a hotel.... remind me to tell you about the time we were not prepared LOL!

We had a destination in mind so we drove straight to it to make sure we knew where we were going. As we turned down one street - look at what we saw..... probably 25 to 30 elk just meandering thru the town - across the highway too.

A couple of them had big antlers. A few had just spikes. A few were crazy - running an kicking and maybe playing Elk tag. We stayed in the truck and took pictures - as we had heard of some Bull Elk charging at cars. And I am extremely allergic to pain, so I thought we should totally play it safe!
Do you want to know the real reason we headed up to Estes Park?
Three soldiers recently returned from Iraq - in need of Quilts of Valor. It was cool. This turned out to be a surprise presentation and the person that organized the whole shin dig did an awesome job. The only complaint? No one told the others to bring tissues. I believe that there was not a dry eye in the place. Made my heart happy.

Just in case you wondered - I am the tall person to the left of the whole group.


Mary said...

That looks like it was a happy surprise! Thanks for sharing your outing with us.

That list of quilts is pretty impressive!

Lori said...

How Fun! Kudos for being prepared.
The list is amazing!!

JoAnne said...

Enjoyed your recap of the day and I want to hear the rest of the story (the time you weren't prepared). We were in Estes Park several years ago and I was amazed at the elk wondering through the yard of our B & B.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

My husband wanted me to share our Ph # with you and that he'll be right over with weapon-in-hand.


Judy Laquidara said...

What a wonderful trip! Thanks for all you do for the QOV project and for sharing it with us. Loved those elk pix!

Nancy said...

Now, that is what I call a perfect day: wildlife, a bit of snow, tears of happiness, plenty of smiles and happy memories.

Good Job!

Sherrill said...

VERY cool surprise!! I LOVE Estes. Have visited a few times to see the park and did Quilt CO there a few years ago. The elk were all OVER the golf course! lol

Stephanie D. said...

The only thing I've seen of Estes Park was THE hotel--you know the one! I'd love to see the rest of the town some day.

Hurray for more QOVs to give out! You may just have to start providing tissues along with the quilts.

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for the tip about Estes Park. Last time we tried, the highway was CLOSED due to snow (in early September yet!) You were there for a great reason - glad the elk didn't do their 'elk thing' on your vehicle.

Hey, your photo didn't enlarge - I wanted to see your face! 8-)))

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Alycia! How exciting to see the elk and to deliver the quilts! So cool!

I actually bought quite a bit of RWB fabric today...a local quilt shop is going out of business and had 50% I stocked up some as I have absolutely NO RWB in my stash.

I am going to try your on-point Not So Secret Project (I forget which number it is! LOL).

While in Colorado, my dad came out to visit and we drove up to Estes Park around Thanksgiving...the Bighorn Sheep were breeding and seems like there were herds of them right by houses and in town. Later found out the houses had been built on their ancient breeding grounds, so they kept going back. Pretty cool.

I loved Colorado!

Jet said...
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