Friday, November 20, 2009

Quilts of Colorado

Good Friday Morning!! Less than a week till Thanksgiving... and only one more day of school for us.
This first quilt from Colorado was made by Merrie of Merrie Berrie Quilting. Such a sweet gal. Each block is quilted seperately.

The next Colorado quilt ( sounds like a fashion show huh?) Was made by my Mom, and Donna P quilted it for me. She searched high and low for som ideas to put in the center of the quilt - and
she did a great job. She used Stars and Flags. I love it! This quilt will be going to the World War 2 Veterans as they return from the honor flight. So it won't be included in my sidebar list.

The next quilt comes from Judy V in Thorton. She has made quite a few quilts for Quilts of Valor now - and is teaching kids at her school! See - the next generation of quilters will be bigger than ever!. The pattern for Judys quilt came from Bonnie at . I also showed the back as she used some panels very creatively!

Hope you all have a great day. I am off to start assembling blocks into tops at the 5th grade.

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