Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Quilts from the Heartstrings Quilters

I tell ya - for Christmas I want more hours in the day - and I want them to be light hours... not dark ones! We have just been busy, but having a great time.


Saturday Wrangler Man's Sister invited us all over for chili and to play cards. There were 20 of us attacking their new house. It was great! The kids played cards, and the adults played cards and oh my - were they competitive!


I am not sure where the rest of the days have gone, only that Wrangler Man is in Dallas, which makes perfect sense because it is supposed to snow tonite. It is truly a given - when that man is gone and I am 100% responsible for the chores, it snows! I think he and mother nature have a pact. They like to see me drag hay thru the snow and over the icy ground ( do you feel bad for me yet? - Didn't think so!)


These Quilts of Valor came from the folks in my Heartstrings group. Just a great group that works so well together. I so Appreicate them! The first three were pieced by San and the Murphy NC Volunteers. There were quilted by the famous Mary! at http://blog.maryquilts.com/


This beautiful Batik quilt was made by Nancy W in New York. I think you can click on the picture - the fabrics are just gorgeous! I think this quilt is called a Jewel Box pattern. Perfect for these fabrics.

Thanks all for the beautiful quilts. You guys are awesome. Soldiers will love these!
Have a great evening!


Sherrill said...

Well, I don't know if Wrangler Man is STILL in Dallas but it's snowing here (guess he doesn't hafta do chores here though, does he?! lol).

LizA. said...

I think you need to put those 3 strong young men to work -- make those boys EARN their dinner.

Nancy said...

Beautiful quilts, as always. Kudos to all the quilters who contributed to these beauties.

Snow here, too, but thankfully, not many outside chores to do. Stay warm

JuJu said...

Grew up on a farm in western NE, know the chore routine and it's NOT fun in the winter time. So yes, I do feel sorry for you!!

Vicki W said...

Those are lovely! I promise to get back to QOV quilting in 2010.

Unknown said...

Sandi sent me the link and it's great to see that a fun Sat get together with 6 sewing machines and 2 irons set up can really produce some great QOV Results-so happy to be part of it-and no...no snow in Murphy, NC today, up to 60 degress and had to plant some Rose of Sharon's I've meant to move for the past 3 months-Yah spring!!!But I did have to feed the 3 horses-Husband has a rotater cuff repair healing I'm trying to smile...