Wednesday, December 30, 2009

School Pictures Part 2

I have been remiss is portraying the other two of my children - who also had to have their school pictures taken - just like little bit.
And Wrangler Man did it. He has a lot of patience. But we all knew that - look who he married......

So this is Middle bit - he is currently in 5th grade. I like this because it is his classes that are working on Quilts of Valor. I get to know the kids a little better, and I get to eat lunch with my son. I like him... he's a great kid.

He is in front of his award winning quilt that he made for the fair last year.
Sadly enough, a few days after we took these pictures that will forever remind us of this school year - he got his braces off. Which of course warrented a picture right there in the orthodontist office...

He was much more smily!!

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Anonymous said...

What a smile! Isn't it great (and don't those bare teeth feel really strange?!)

Quite the handsome young lad you have there, Alycia. You and Wrangler Man must be very proud of all three of them!