Saturday, December 19, 2009

From Meredith in Caly

All Six of these quilts of valor were made by Meredith in California - She has been keeping Longarm volunteers all over the country VERY very busy!! The top two quilts were quilted by Patricia in Memory of SSGT Fred Duebbers. I think that is a wonderful way to honor another soldiers memory.
The next two quilts that Meredith made on the left were quilted by Ron O in New Mexico. They make a great team.

I really enjoy laying all the quilts out in my front room, I get to put the on the sofas and the ground in front of the sofas - it is really better than decorating for Christmas. ( which of course needs to be done before.... Friday ( acck) )

And the last two quilts that Meredith made were quilted by Sharon B in Nevada. See - that girls quilts get around don't they? I love being able to include all this info on the labels of the quilts. Meredith did a great job of doing it on her lables. The soldiers are really amazed to find that people all over the country are thinking of them.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. We were DONE with school yesterday, went to swim practice and swam then ATE. The kid's favorite activity. Today we had a basketball game, and then.... other than practices I think we get to relax for a week. Yay....
Oh and One more customer quilt to finish..... Have a great one....


heather said...

Love the top photo

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Beautiful quilts! In Austria the tree does not go up until Christmas Eve and comes down before New Year's Eve - so just adopt Austrian decorating habits as your own! We only have the Advent wreath and a bowl of oranges/peanuts out, plus a small collection of tiny rhinestone trees. We even wait to the last minute to make the cookies or otherwise we will eat them! Cheers! Evelyn

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks Alicia, for kind words - it was a pleasure making this quilt for a soldier. Hope it finds a good home.

Jody (Goddess) can do anything! I think you also are a rancher, as is Jody, and I ALWWAYS include her name Goddess when I speak of my friend!