Monday, December 14, 2009

Quilted by Beth

I am back with a quilt! This one was quilted by Beth over at . She has a new longarm and is not afraid to use it! Beth - you did an awesome job. Thank you so much for quilting this Quilt of Valor. This pattern is called the Take 5 pattern. Nice huh?
Tonite was my oldest sons band performance. He is in the band, and in the Jazz Band. I keep trying to get pictures of him, but am really too far away. This was the best I could do. Their band is wonderful. You can tell they work hard.
When I picked my son up from school today he says - Mom Mr T. says we need a black shirt for tonite..... we had 20 mintues to eat and then get child 3 to Basketball practice, then had to get home to change, do chores and be back to school. I could not figure how we were going to run to town to get a shirt. ( Our town has NO clothing stores!)
So we stopped at Kersey Pizza and in walks Mrs W. She thought her son might have a black shirt we could borrow. She gets home and realizes it is too small... so bless her heart - she called around, found a black shirt, basted it to size, and brought it to the performance. I can not thank her enough. Who knew she was going to have to dress my son tonite!!


marilyn said...

I totally understand about the black shirt! Why do kids think that way? Mom will just have a _______fill in the blank, sitting in the closet 5 seconds before I need it!?!?! Gotta love those friends who come to the rescue.

Beth said...

Thanks for saying such nice things about my quilting! I really DO have a long way to go! I understand about kids and 'Mom can come up with anything". Our son thought I would just have a tux laying around he could wear for an Winter dance with an 'Emmy party' theme! ROTLF

Anonymous said...

Aren't friends and small towns wonderful?

My photos at events look exactly like that! We need one of those $5000 cameras with the super long lenses, tri-pods and all the fancy stuff those sports photographers use.... in our dreams maybe?


Stephanie D said...

Wow, what a nice friend!