Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From Sue

This Quilt of Valor was made by Evelyn in Oregon, then sent to Sue S in Colorado for quilting. It is really beautiful. and the quilting is wonderful. My friend Mary brought it to me - and she said - this is from "Sister Sue". I have started thinking of Marys sister as my sister. I showed the quilt to my kids and said this is from Sister Sue - and they looked at me rather funny. Like maybe I was off my rocker....

JoAnne wanted to know what kind of dog Mama and Puppy are. They are a Dutch Drahthaar dog. They are hunting dogs, my Dad hunts them all over the place.
Barb asked if my Dad knew she was going to have puppies. And yep he did. The timing was off for them, so we thought that we could babysit them and help out. I am expecting chocolate!
Lori asked for more puppy pictures - I am happy to oblige. May I introduce you to Chubby Puppy? My Dad needs to name her, but alas he is incommunicado for a bit - so we have named her chubby puppy. I think it fits!
Today she is 10 days old and she moves all over the place. She is snuggly too, and if you rub her tummy she shakes her leg. Its cute. The boys are waiting for her eyes to open.

Hope you all have a good one! I am in need of some couch time tonite. I am all worn out!


Heather said...

Very cute puppies!

Jeanne said...

Great quilt and the puppy is adorable.

Stephanie D said...

Awwww, sweet puppy snuggles! I've never heard of that kind of dog before.