Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quilts from Jody and Elaine

Elaine over at http://elaineadairpieces.blogspot.com sent in this beautiful Quilt of Valor. She has been showing its progress as she was working along at her blog. It was fun watching it come together, but I have to tell you the picture does not do it justice.
Along the way she recruited another Nebraska Quilter - Jody - to do a Quilt of Valor. I don't know Jody, but I have decided she is crazy! Did you see the quilt she made. That is Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt from a year or 2 ago. And I know she is crazy becuase there are a million gazillion 1 1/2 inch squares in it.
Ladies - Thank you so much! I am so grateful to you all to help cover our soldiers.


Nancy said...

Beautiful work that will be admired and treasured. Kudos to Jody and Elaine.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are both beautiful!