Tuesday, December 08, 2009

School Pictures Part 1

Every year School Picture time rolls around and we miss it. A few years ago the pictures were pretty bad, so I felt like they were a total waste. Since then - I have become the photographer. Of course, sometimes I forget. Like this year. Then Wrangler Man decided to be the photographer in the family.
This occurred on Thanksgiving, as we were getting ready to carve the turkey. He thought we could squeeze in a little photo session. I tried to warn him, that with little bit - nothing is easy.....
How easily he forgets.

I think this one will be good. Do you think the Grandparents will cherish this one on their refrigerators?
And just so you know - 48 pictures were taken.....no quilt was harmed in the process.


Lori in South Dakota said...

grandparents will love THEM ALL!! (I especially like 2 and 3!)

Anonymous said...

I vote for 2 and 3 also! I LOVE those! LOL. Aren't kids fun?