Friday, December 04, 2009

Forward Progress

Everything is moving in fast motion, and progress is being made, and I am so ready for a sleep in day , you have NO idea!!
Wrangler Man made it home from Texas and left snow in his wake - sorry folks. Maybe it will help you get in the mood for Christmas? But he also brought deep freezing temperatures to our area, and when the high for the day is 18, you are breaking a LOT of ice. (Even with Tank heaters!)
So my week has been a busy one, but truthfully I wouldn't trade it. I am almost a pro at dressing to stay just warm enough when doing chores, and I can get ready in less than 5 minutes!
Yesterday and Today we spent sewing at school. We are trying to get these tops finished up so we can move on. We got a lot done, and I forgot my camera one of the days. And because it has been so cold I left a stack of string blocks with signatures on them for the kids to design a quilt top during their recess.
And I have another Quilt of Valor to show you that is finished! I love this pattern, and the backing is Awesome. The quilt pattern is a Bonnie Hunter original - I believe it is named the Orange Crush. The top and backing were made by Jackie M of New Jersey.

Cool huh?

Hope you all have a good evening. The oldest boy is at a basketball game, the other two are pouring over Christmas catalogs ( they think I want to buy them toys), I will be taking my Dad's dogs out for bit, then sitting down at my sewing machine - I AM EXCITED to see my machine. I think it misses me!


Amy said...

Beautiful Orange Crush. And an amazing donation because of all the work that went into that baby!

I love following the progress of the sewing at school -- everytime I read updates, I think "gosh, what a great idea and I wonder if I can get something like that started in my school."

Happy Saturday! Hopefully you have found (or will find) your machine today! (ME TOO!!!!)

Mary Johnson said...

I quilted an Orange Crush quilt that was pieced by Helen. This one will go to Habitat for Humanity.