Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Puppy and Programs

Tonite was Pipsqueak 3's school program. The music teacher works with all of the students in the grade at different times and this was the big night where they put it all together. They did a wonderful job!
We have a new addition at our house. I am babysitting my dad's dogs again ( they are someplace warm - I am jealous) and one of them had a puppy! She is a cute puppy, but did you know that a puppy is almost as much work as a human child?
I know there are colder places right now.. but this morning when we went to do chores and walk dogs in was -20 ... that is 20 below for those of you in St Croix!! I don't think I have defrosted as of yet!


JoAnne said...

The puppy is adorable! What kind of dog is Mama dog? Sweet picture.

Sherrill said...

She only had ONE puppy?! WOW, that should make HER life a little easier! LOL

omashee aka Barb said...

Mama & baby are beautiful! Just one? Wow! Lucky her! Baby has such unique coloring. I want her/him! Did your Dad know this was about to happen?
Merry Christmas!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Puppy breath and puppy snuggles!!

Stephanie D said...

Oh, how sweeeeeet!

I cannot comprehend such cold weather--chills my bones just to think about it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Alycia, remember, Colorado has a DRY cold! LOL. That's what folks always say anyway, but it is STILL COLD!

I bet the school program was wonderful... What fun! And how entertaining to watch all the funny stuff kids do while there are up in front of an audience!

Take care and stay WARM!