Thursday, March 19, 2009

From Iowa

April in Iowa volunteered to quilt some quilt tops for our No Soldier Forgotten Project. Along the way her sewing group - the Sassy Stitchers decided to help out too!

So the quilts on the right side - the Yellow Brick Road ones were made by the Miracles group in Denver. The one with the geese ( well thats what I am calling them) came from Jackie M in NJ. I think it was a mystery quilt over at Persimmon Quilts.
The quilts on the left side are from Aprils Sassy Stitchers group.
And check the count in the side bar... you might be amazed - I know I am!!! And there are more quilts to post...
Thanks Sassy Stitchers, Miracles, Jackie and April!!!


Anonymous said...

Hasn't it been wonderful the response for this, Alycia? Unbelievable what we can accomplish together. How many soldiers does the hospital have now? Is it still around 700? That looks doable at this point!

Bari B - MO

Lori in South Dakota said...

fun opening all those packages, isn't it?!! Have your worn out a box cutter yet??