Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Quilts

I didn't really know how to title this one!
Back a few months ago, one of the students at our school's Grandma asked if she could come see what we were doing. Oh my - what a sweet lady. And so personable. She was wondering if she could take this back to the school she worked at, and if they made a quilt would we want it. OF COURSE.
Judy works at a school a little different than ours though. She works with the deaf and hard of hearing students. So she was going to have to teach with a lot more hands on approach. - The kids loved it. They made the cutest journal with pictures of the kids, and the story of making the quilt. It was just wonderful.
If you look at the blocks in this top quilt you can see two blocks with "signs" in them. One means "I love you" and one means
Judy told me they made one quilt, but when we met up - she had TWO!!
Thanks to all the kids and to Mrs. Judy for all the hard work you put into these quilts!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic quilts! I see some future HeartStringers...Alycia your inspiration has infected many. Have you ordered your deuce & half from the Guard yet for your delivery? Shari in AZ

Vicki W said...

That is a great story - you have so many from this project! When is delivery day? I'll have to get the Kleenex ready,