Monday, November 03, 2008

Quilts from Nancy

I recieved a call from Nancy in Ft Collins. She was wondering if I would like a Quilt of Valor, and if I would be in town. Well Certainly!!
I headed over that way and explored the quilt shop just north of her. It had a book I had been wanting, so I got that and maybe a little bit of fabric went home with me too... some really bright stuff! I think I might have it just to look at - I do have a pattern in mind, but I may have to wait till summer to start it...
Then I went over to Nancys and look at these THREE beauties!! They are wonderful. I even took one to hang in the class for a few days. I like showing off the quilts to the kids and they like checking them out.
This bottom pic is of all -Hubbys Dad, me, K, C, J, Hubbys Mom, and Hubby. It has been such nice weather for this time of year that we have been taking advantage of it!
Have a Great day!!

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Stephanie D. said...

Those ARE beautiful quilts! I like that star and bar type pattern--so simple, but so effective.

Nice family photo!