Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday is here!

I like Saturdays - usually. This Saturday so far has been great. Not only did my kiddos make Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast, Wrangler Man cleaned up.
Then we worked on rearranging the front room. We are preparing for the Christmas Tree that my Two youngest have wanted since Halloween. They are not excited about Christmas at all.
This Beautiful Sampler style quilt is from Marie in Florida. She did a great job. Thanks Marie... That brings our count up to 191. If you look over to the right and the sidebar - there is a list of all the quilts so far. Hope you have a minute or two.
Now on to the cute little knuckleheads. The two on the far right are mine, the other is a good friend. The older brothers play basketball, they keep me entertained, and they eat my skittles, and they do wordsearches. But best of all - they make faces. Great little dudes to have around. Never a boring second!!
Have a great one!

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Stephanie D said...

Are they making you listen to Christmas music every day, too? lol