Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My guild Meeting

is always fun, but now that some of the ladies are helping out with the Quilts of Valor Challenge. My guild is so involved in lots of community projects, its fun to add to the list!!
The first one with the panel in the middle was made by Shar. She is a long arm quilter as well - so she did it all and it is wonderful!
The other two were made by Susan S. I believe they are the Turning Twenty Again pattern. I really love the variety of her patterns. They are from Tricia Cribbs at Friend Folks.
Aren't the colors great?
If you want to see what my family has been up to - you can over at http://alyciaquilts2.blogspot.com I didn't want to clutter up my posting too much - you might get bored and think you are reading a novel *grin*

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Helen in the UK said...

It's always fun to visit your blog and see all the wonderful quilts that have been donated to QOV. Particularly like the first of the Turning 20 Again quilts - fabulous colour combo :)