Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quilts from Kathy M

In Wisconsin!

Kathy - these are wonderful quilts! Thank you so much. I really like the border blocks on the Red White and Blue one. Very good idea. And the string quilt is great!!
You can read more about Kathy at her blog
Today I had big plans! and this morning they all got changed. My poor middle son woke up not feeling well at all. And he doesn't look so good either. So we changed our plans, and I have made him tea and have him all tucked into blankets.
I told him that he really needs to work on his timing. Tomorrow is no school. So he really should have waited until Sunday night to not feel good ... hopefully he is up and running soon.
Hope you all have a good one. And are getting ready for Thanksgiving. I made cinnamon rolls yesterday... and yes Dad I even saved a pan for you. I had to hide it - but I did it!

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