Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Its a Pillowcase party

We started a little early on the pillowcase party, but it was fun. My littlest picked out some fabrics, for him, and we made a pillowcase. Now when we were choosing the fabrics I thought that he was choosing them for himself. But after we made the pillowcase he kept asking where the quilt was. I was a little confused. Which happens quite regularly around here.


So being the detective that I am, I asked what quilt? He said, well we always make pillowcases after the quilt is done, so where is my dog quilt that will go with this pillowcase? Ah -Ha!

I explained that there is not a Dog Quilt that matches the pillowcase, he explained that we had better go back and get more of that Dog Fabric, as a quilt must accompany the pillowcase. I sort of like his logic. Don't tell him that though, please, we already have one fabricoholic in the family. I am not sure we could survive two.
Since we made one successfully and we didn't lose any fingers. ( I wasn't worried - were you?) We got busy and cut out 4 more, and finished one more. Yep - it was a dog one too. Do you see a theme to his thoughts? And now we are officially out of dog fabrics.
We have had some pretty amazing Sunsets around here lately. Maybe they have been here all the time, but now that it gets darker a LOT earlier, I pay more attention to them. This was yesterdays. I sort of liked it.
Hope you all have a good one!


Amy said...

I think I seen sort of the same sunset, how nice of your son wanting to make pillowcases. we instill things on our children and giving to others is the best thing we can do.. Happy Thanksgiving and Stitching,Amy

Stephanie D. said...

He looks so proud!

I agree, there needs to be a doggy quilt somewhere. Don't argue there are no more doggy fabrics--that's what the computer is for: to find more fabric, doncha know?