Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sizes for Quilts of Valor

Hi all -
I hope you all don't think I am overdoing it. Recently I have had a lot of questions about Quilts of Valor. So I hoped this would give you up to the minute info!

Mainly being what size do they need to be?

Absolute Minimum 50 x 60 inches. Maximum 72 x 90

The main reason for this is that we want them to be cuddly and useful. If a soldier is in a wheelchair, they will not be in the chair 100% of the time. We are really aiming towards a lap sized or larger quilt. The ones the 5th grade kids work on are approximatly 54 x 64 . They don't take 14,000 years to make, yet they are large enough to keep a person snuggled up and warm.

What Colors should we use?

I know - I sound like a broken record - but Patriotic is awesome! Now please know that I always like to use patriotic, and here is the main reason. I work with between 48 and 100 kids at a time - at various venues. Each child wants to pick his/her own fabric. I am all for this.... except when 6 children want to use florescent hues, and the other 6 want warm earthy plaids - not a pretty combination. Well, maybe to some it is - but I won't name names!! So if I use 100 Red White Cream and Blue Fat Quarters - I do not have to organize children based on colors - they all blend no matter what kid works next to who.

Should we put a label on our quilts?

Abso - Positituvely!!! The more labels the better! Do you want to add a card, or a letter to the quilt - then GO ahead and do so. I do ask that you leave them unsealed. Not becuase I am nosy. Okay, I really am... but thats not the reason. The chaplain approves communications - and if they want to read the cards, I would like them to not have ripped envelopes by the time it gets to the soldier.

Here is a link to another post - as to how this got started and what our goal is.

Also if you want 2 relatively easy patterns to make as a quilt of valor. Look to the right side of my blog - under Links - there is the Not So Top Secret Project and the Stars and Bars. Both in .pdf forms and easy to print out. You can also find them at http://www.quiltygirl.com

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