Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quilts from Colorado

Look at these beauties that showed up at my doorstep! Kim - Thank you so much. I know you are really busy at the moment - but I sure appreciate you taking the time to make a quilt for the soldiers!! These are so lovely and quilted just perfectly!
Last week at church they talked about the Community Outreach Center being out of food and other supplies. So we searched the house and a few grocery stores and came up with a box of food, quite a few clothing items, and maybe a toy or two. We went and dropped them off today.
Did I mention - JoAnns is right near the Center - and I had a coupon? No? Oh - well It is, and I did.... so 2 of the children and I meandered thru JoAnns. They had fabric there.... and they had fabric that we really thought we needed...
So tonite I played finisher, so I could start playing with the new fabrics! I finished the laundry, I finished ironing. I am working on finishing the strings I had laying all over my table. I am sure that I can get 48 blocks finished tonite so that we will have enough for another top. But as it is getting darker and the kids are getting whinier I think I might want to finish off the tequila.. No not really!! - maybe just the brownies!! That would make it all better and give me the boost to finish those strings .... right??
Okay - I am off to finish the strings... and then my cutting table will be all ready to cut something new!!
Have a great evening - be sure to check back tomorrow if you entered our contest. They are still debating on the best name...

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Lori in South Dakota said...

it must be going around, last night I was searching the bottle stash for something to go in my coffee!