Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tuesdays Thimbles Quilt Group

The Tuesday Thimbles group in Washington must never sleep! They sent these 8 wonderful quilts for our Quilt of Valor project. Thank you so much ladies - they are just perfect!
I had fun laying all these quilts out and covering up my living room. Its always fun to have quilts all over the place and have someone show up. They are always amazed. They also probably think I am covering stuff up.

And these wonderful ladies - these are the Tuesday Thimbles!! Thanks for sending your picture. I Looooove it!
Last Night I met with my Binding Gals. They are so wonderful. But.... Now you may need to sit down for this - I actually got 2 quilts bound *by myself* last nite. I did have someone show me how to hook the ends of the binding together so you can't find the start and finish. That was pretty cool. But she only showed me once and then made me do it myself the next time. She was no fool!
Have a great one!

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