Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not so Top Secret Project Quilts

Oh - Have I told you before how much fun this is? Look at these great variations of the Not So Top Secret Quilt!
This first on is from Jeanne in Mi - she did hers in light blues and dark blues. Isn't it pretty? Her blog is:
The next one is completely finished and came with a great pillowcase from Maria in Upstate New York. I love scrappy quilts, and this one tickles my fancy too. She is a longarm quilter and she quited circles on it - just perfect!!
The last one comes from Marilyn in CA. She is quite a prolific quilter - I am not sure how she gets so much done. She sent me a box of quilt tops and backings for our Quilts of Valor.. I will share the rest of them too - but since this was a NSTSP quilt... well it fit here fine!. Her blog is
It is really awesome to see how many people are interested in showing our caring side to our soldiers. I am constantly amazed these days at the desire to help out with this project! Thank you so much for helping!!!
On another note - we got to see WallE today. It was a cute movie and it was airconditioned in the building. Then we went to drum lessons for J - and it wasn't Air conditioned, and now we are home and it is not Air conditioned.. I think I like the movie theatre the best - Tee hee!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the same quilt pattern in all the different color variations. I really like the middle one for it's scrappy look.

Vicki W said...

Those are all great!

Helen in the UK said...

These are great!! I'm a bit behind in reading blogs and am amazed at all the new quilts you've been given. Quilters are THE nicest people :)

Ann said...

I love seeing all the variations of this single pattern. I'm working on a scrappy blue version, but much more slowly. (I'm still on step #2.)

Quilter Kathy said...

It was fun to see the same pattern done in different colours! They are all wonderful!