Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oklahoma Part Two

Somehow Monday got away from me, and today almost blew right by! But - I am watching the news and thinking of all these quilts. Here are the last 10 from the Oklahoma ladies. There are 5 more of the Not So Top Secret Project quilts. And then there were 5 others that are wonderful!!
The ladies that made these are :
Jo B
Charlene B
Sheryl D
Janie H
Marilyn K ( I think I met her at MQS or MQX)
Tina M
Margaret M
Susan R
Lucille S
Kathy Y

Thank you Ladies - for all of your hard work. These quilts are awesome. My Mom and Dad helped me check them out and they were impressed too! My Dad can now recognize this pattern anywhere. Impressive!

And I will leave you with a picture of the majority of the ladies. Seven of them are missing - but I sure appreciate getting to see who did all these. Thanks again!!!

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