Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday's Quilts

Bari over at made this Green Not So Top Secret Project for our Quilts of Valor delivery. And she used the extra blocks to make a little kiddo quilt. Isn't that cool? Her twins wrote some letters and drew some pictures - that makes me smile!!
And here's a small world thing for you - Bari and I went to the same college - and we think we might have overlapped a few years in our time there. Although she is in MO, and I am not. Thanks Bari!!

The Next two quilts are from Marcia in IL. She is part of the Northwest Surburban Quilt guild. Marcia - these are lovely! The star one is very carefully planned, but has such a random look about it. Thanks SO much Marcia!!'

Here's how you know the weather is going to be windy - I have to do the chores! And I have a list of outside things to do. Needless to say - I have had a sand facial today and have sandblasted my teeth!
I drug the kids out with me too - so now their faces are all fresh. We had a bunch of new trees to water, and dirt to move. Today we had 8 1/4 tons of topsoil delivered. I thought that sounded like a lot, but when I look at it, I am not sure it is enough to fill what we wanted to fill. We may need to add compost ( and you all know where that came from!)


mkhquilts said...

That star quilt is great! What pattern is that and where can I get it? Great job on the deployment of the quilts. I was a sad about some of the guys being afraid of pictures or of children. I'm afraid we have a whole new generation with ptsd!

Stephanie D. said...

I believe that star quilt is a Judy Martin Pattern. She does off-set stars like that. I love it!

The more I see that not-so-top-secret quilt, the more I want to make one, but I don't want to start anything else new right now!!!

I don't think I have a choice.