Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beth and the HunnyBees

I just love hearing about the names of peoples sewing groups - this group comes from Idaho, and is called the Hunny Bees. I love it!!! And I wonder how they got that name?
They sent in 6 quilts!! Two of them are the Not So Top Secret quilt - I think it is so cool to see all the versions of this, and it makes my oldest son feel so good. He had quite a hand in pushing that quilt pattern along!!
Thanks Beth and the HunnyBees! You all are awesome!!

On another note.... Schools Out for Summer.... Yay!! Hands are clapping and kids are screaming!!! Yesterday was the last day till August and boy were my kids ready!
And then it rained and lightening'ed last nite....
So with that - the kids at school were able to graph the first 725 quilts that came in for our soldiers. They kept track of which state they came from. Take a guess and see if you know which state the most quilts came from, the second most and the third most. Make your guess by Monday the 25th at 7pm. I'll have a surprise gift for the person that gets the (or closest to) three states)
And with that - we are off to play!!! See ya tomorrow.


LizA. said...

I'm going to say, 1st=Colorado, 2nd = Illinois and 3rd, my home state of Washington.

Have a GREAT weekend. Lucky guys, out of school so early. Kids around here have another month.

swooze said...

Texas, Colorado and Illinois

JuJu said...

I'll say Colo., then Minn and then Nebraska! I'm probably way off! LOLOL Great idea for the students to chart where the quilts came from! Julia, NE

Sherrill said...

I'm gonna guess CO, TX and WA. You've done a fantastic job getting these all quilting and bound and to the soldiers. WTG!!

Andi said...

My guesses (after a quick glance down the sidebar, lol) are #1-CO, #2 - OH and #3 - AZ (for some hometown love). Keep up the good work!

Stephanie D. said...

#1 = Colorado
#2 = Illinois
#3 = Ohio

Lori in South Dakota said...

3 states??


marilyn said...

Colorado, California and Texas

Anonymous said...

#1 CO
#2 OH
#3 NE

barbara said...

#1 CO
#2 OH
#3 NE

OOPS the first time I selected anonymous

Pat said...

okay...I'll play too!

#1: CO
#2: OH
#3: WI

Fran said...

What an awesome job. I can't imagine 700 quilts!

My guess:

Beth said...

Oops I must have written our quilt group name wrong on the note I much for multi tasking. We are the Honeymoon Quilter. We got our name on a quilt retreat in a nearby resort town. As we were packing up to go home one of the ladies said "we are just like honeymooners...we didn't leave the condo the whole weekend". the name stuck.

I will guess Co, WI, MN.