Thursday, May 14, 2009

I call him Trey

This soldier is a third generation soldier. He is here at Ft Carson getting all healed . He was a very friendly soldier. He told us about his son who was just sent back with an injury. The son is in California, and Trey wondered if we could get a quilt to him. Well, of course. He said that this quilt means more than the purple heart he recieved. That made us all feel good. ( By the way - that is me in the blue shirt. Want to know how to stand out on a military base? Bright Blue in a sea of green ought to do it... what was I thinking????)
He was great with the kids. He told them about what all the patches mean on the uniforms, and the rankings that they obtain.
Obviously he had a captive audience!

Here are a few shots of the soldiers reading their journals, and checking out the letters. The CFS teacher and two of her students took on Quilts of Valor as their project this year. They recruited all the students in the school - at as many grade levels as they could- to write letters to the soldiers. Then they incorporated them into journals to accompany each quilt.
Thanks quilters, your quilts totally made this delivery! And now I must go off to bed - I am still on chore duty, and quite frankly I am lazy, and don't like rising with the sun! I am also on garden duty - and that I can not screw up - Wrangler man knows where to find me!!

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Lori in South Dakota said...

It's a real joy to read your blog and look at the pictures. I think soldiers sometimes feel so unappreciated, and making QOV is the only way I know of to show them THEY AREN'T!!