Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Geneseo Quilters Strike Again

These folks from Illinois are awesome and prolific quilters!! They surely keep their long armers busy. Look at these beauties!

I think the first two on the left are Turning Twenty Again patterns by Tricia Cribbs. If they are not, they are sure close. And beautiful!!
Today was my first real day at swim practice. Wrangler Man took the oldest yesterday and the other two and I were a little busy! None of my boys are in the same age group - so we have 3 different practice times.
I think I used my time wisely though. I worked on a quilt pattern planning, I signed a bunch of letters that I had typed up. I worked on a quilt journal and I wrote a real handwritten letter!
Now I will have to figure out what wise things I can get done tomorrow. I have thought about taking my cutting board at times - but that might be a little dangerous.

Geneseo Quilters - Thank you very much!!!
Stay tuned...... Many of you wanted a hint for NSTSP2...
I pulled out my 2 1/2 inch strip Scrap Bin and was hoping to decimate it..... does that help?
No Soldier Forgotten!


Anonymous said...

2 1/2 strips sounds good. My box of strips is overflowing. Just started a quilt with the 2" strips.

Really enjoy reading your blog.

Nancy L

Lori in South Dakota said...

I keep a bin of those too! Good choice!