Friday, May 29, 2009

More Soldiers with their Quilts

I wonder is a soldier gets used to the paparazzi? This soldier and his wife recieved his quilt, and we all got a little camera happy. At least they didn't mind. I think they were a little shocked at how many flashes could go off at the same time though!
The pic at the right is a picture of the paparazzi!! Can anyone guess who made this quilt? I was asked by Kim if it felt like I was saying goodbye to friends when the quilts get given out. And , um, Yes. Even thought I did not make every single one, I still feel like they are my babies and I am sending them out into the world.
Anyways that one was made by Carole in CO.
The quilt at the right came from the Deaf Class here in CO. Pure co-incidence
that we got pictures of those quilts and their soldiers.
Anyone have any great weekend plans? Ours is to get hay, and hopefully sneak into town to the pool. Oh and to work on the Not So Top Secret 2....

Have a great one~


Lori in South Dakota said...

the more I read about the soldiers, the more I think of my friend currenly stationed in Kuwait. I think I may have to make him a quilt! I worry and pray for him every day. A wife and little kids, I think how hard it is for his wife and family.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alycia, don't suppose you remember who that gorgeous brown, gold and cream quilt is from or what pattern they used? That is beautiful, and I would like to add it to my list of projects!

Thanks for all you do! Bari B - MO