Friday, May 08, 2009

Deployment One

Here's our little song bird in action! I swear - there wasn't a warble or quaver in her voice!

We got to shake each soldiers hand.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments. I really appreciate them. We did a good thing quilters! We did good getting quilts to soldiers. They all have scheduling that they can not control, or change. They have events happen on a daily basis - and I think that having a comfort quilt will help. I really do, and when they are sitting around they have the journal to read, and labels to look at.
Something that really struck me. When you give the quilts out you don't have a chance to explain why you made it, or the words you want to say. So that is what the label is for. I know a lot of people asked what should be on a label. And now I really think I know. Everything you want to say to the soldier, but can't because they are moving on quickly. So something they can read as they are using the quilt. And probably the washing instructions. I did get those on every quilt, just cuz I didn't know if everyone knew how to wash a quilt. When I was young ( just a few days ago) I washed EVERYTHING in hot water. No wonder my pants always shrunk.


Sherrill said...

We just took a batch of quilts to our new Fisher House over by the VA hospital and here's what I put on the labels (but did NOT include washing instructions...YIKES! oh well)--
You’re Our Hero!!
We are grateful to you for your service and sacrifice and ask that you accept this quilt as a VERY small token of our appreciation.
We pray that your recovery will be quick and your rehabilitation complete.

I found Superman clipart and put that off to the left. I thought they came very cute!

Jeanne said...

Alycia, thank you so much for sharing. I'm sure it was a day full of emotions for all involved. My sympathy to you on the loss of the soldier you knew. There's too much of that happening.