Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rainy day Sunday

It started out sunny, but by the time we got back from Church - the rain was starting. And it has continued.... the kids and dad have been playing cards and legos. I was going to read but I think I might have taken a little nap. Then there were bills to pay, so I guess its a good thing it is still raining.
Before school was out, my sons 4th grade class did a biography breakfast. They had to research someone and know lots of facts about them, and make a presentation. They dressed like that person and answered questions from the parents. My son was Bill Gates. He even made a poster that looked a little like the Microsoft logo, and he created a PowerPoint presentation. It was cute. Daniel Boone, John Deere, Henry Ford, and Sacajawea were some of the personalities present!
The quilt is a customer quilt. She took a braid class and the quilt was just beautiful. I quilted Swirly feathers on it, I liked it ;-) I think she might have too....
And.... surprise surprise - I am working on another Not So Top Secret Project. I shall name it the NSTSP2... because that way I won't get confused. I am challenging myself to do it on point. I don't make many quilts that way - so I thought I would try it and see if I could. So far I haven't come to the "on point" yet - so it is easy!!
I will keep you posted. I am hoping it will make a Great Quilt of Valor.
From 2008's Not so Top Secret Project - there were at least 58 given for the soldiers at Fort Carson. I know a few other groups made the pattern and sent them to their chosen location - I LOVE that!! And from the Stars and Bars Pattern there were at least 10 that came in. I still have one in process. So Maybe you all will like the NSTSP2 quilt... and choose to make it for a Quilt of Valor.
Have a good one!

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gail.designs said...

Can't wait for the next Not so Secret... I did six tops from the previous pattern but I haven't had time to quilt all of them so these should be ready for the next deployment. I love piecing more than quilting but I'm motivated.