Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Thursday Quilt show

These are the rest of the quilts from the Geneseo quilt guild. The top left one is an MQX quilt. Last year when bunch of great quilters were able to go to Machine Quilters Exposition ( Another bunch of us had to stay home. So rather than being depressed we were challenged to make a 12 1/2 inch star square and they would be assembled into Quilts of Valor. Then the tops got sent to Machine quilters who volunteered and voila - we had Quilts!!
Arlene from Geneseo wanted me to know that she was not the one who did all the quilting on their groups quilts. She said there are 3 more Machine quilters, and various quilters who quilt with there home machine. That impresses me!

I hope you enjoyed these - I had better get back to work. I might have already goofed off enough. Little bit (C) had to go to the orthodontist and have impressions of his teeth. And it was SO bad that we had to go to McDonalds afterwards and get him a chocolate shake, and hamburger. I (boringly) had a side salad and smelled his chocolate shake - it was tough!


jovaliquilts said...

I really like the one assembled of the different blocks. Looks great!

Jessica Vaughn said...


Hey girl, good luck tomorrow! Are we still on for Tuesday? Just to let you know, I have another 13 quilts ready to come to you and some backing fabric. Also, I challenged my friends to "be of service" and we should have 10 more tops ready here pretty soon! You go girl, we're with ya!