Friday, January 16, 2009

I've been betrayed..

Bushwhacked, let-down, double crossed, and picked on all over a quilt!! Can you believe it?.. this little podunk, terrible, awful, cute little fifth grader ratted me out - all over a quilt!!! It was a sad day in the 5th grade when I realized how quickly the little dudes and dudettes could be bought!


And - need I remind you it was ALL over a quilt. Which quilt is that you ask?... well let me show you! This wonderful John Deere print quilt came to us from Rebecca B, and I thought - Nice - I will go share that with the classes - I bet they will like it. Well not only do they like it - no less than 15 kids WANT it... See if I ever share with them again (*grin*)

How did this horrible betrayal happen you ask? I had 4 wonderful charming young 5th graders at the sewing machines, sewing so nicely away - and up came the subject of how old I was. I was so soothed by the sounds of the sewing machines - I think I told the truth!!! And then I quickly amended that to 29! Because truly I AM 29... I am - really!!! So these cute children said they would keep my udderly horrible secret and tell the world that I am 29....


Except that when we went into the classroom, the whole class started asking about the John Deere quilt, and were saying how much they liked it... and the teacher ( the teacher! Yes - can you believe it) offered a bribe - that maybe she could auction the quilt off for the truth of my age... and this cute little horrible wretched boy - he didn't even breathe or miss a beat... said my REAL AGE!!


Ha! and he thought he was getting that quilt.... well they get to look at it for one more day - and that's it - I am TAKING it back!!! And I'm not even gonna share my little stash of J.D. Fabric with him.

AND - he is no longer my new best friend! Nope I will have to find another one now!! *Disclaimer* None of the children in the pictures were involved in the "incident"

Okay - I am done venting - want to see some cute kids sewing for soldiers? They sewed thru classes and thru recesses and up to lunch... we got 2 1/2 tops done today, and quite a few blocks for another quilt.
And BTW - this quilt here on the blog makes 300!!! YES we are 75% of the way there!!!!
Hope you all have a good one, and I will be back with some finishes from this week....


Vicki W said...

It sure sounds like the kids had a fun day!

jovaliquilts said...

Little incidents about age aside, it's so great that you're quilting with kids! Amazing you can do this in school. Congrats!

Lori in South Dakota said...

out of the mouths of babes.......