Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have three quilts here that were tops - and now they are finished!! I have to tell you, one looked vaguely familiar, but until I looked at its original picture, I didn't quite recognize it. It is amazing the difference the quilting can make!
April W in IA quilted all of these for us. The boxy stars came from Sherrill in Texas.
The next two tops that April quilted came from NJ. Agnes made them, and her daughter Sandi Sent them in. I just love the quilting on them. They are perfect!!
Thanks ladies for the whole group effort!

Now - did I tell you I went and spoke to adults on Saturday? I was invited to a PEO meeting. It was there founders day meeting, and they asked me to come speak about Quilts of Valor. I was quite honored, and scared. This was my first "real" group of adults. Well, I guess I have spoken to small groups(like 10) of adults, but there was about 100 to 120 of these ladies. Oh - they were so sweet and gracious. And they were really interested in Quilts of Valor. I love it when people are interested!! Thanks ladies for inviting me!

Hope you all have a good evening. I am going to put my feet up for a minute, and then go sew. See ya!


Sherrill said...

YAY, I'm so happy the Boxy Stars top is now quilted! It looks beautiful! Thanks April & Alycia!

jovaliquilts said...

Wow, you guys really make a lot of quilts! That's totally great! That red, white, and blue one is really fun.