Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quilts! Quilts ! Quilts!

You remember what it is like when you have your first child, buy your first house or get a new job? ALL you talk about is that particular thing? To the point that you might become a little boring? I hope I am not there yet.... but I have to tell you - my life is consumed by quilts. Today at church I struggled to find something else to talk about with my friend. Good thing she likes me anyways.

So hopefully you all still love me too.... cuz here are the AMAZING quilt offerings for today!


First up I have a lovely Quilt made, quilted and bound by Linda L of Florida. I enjoyed seeing this quilting up close and told her that. She said it was a freehand design inspired by a trip to Las Vegas!


Next - this Blue Beauty comes from Wisconsin. There was no name on the box - but I am assuming that it came from Becca B. Only because I vaguely remember an email conversation that something blue would be coming soon. It is quilted with snowflakes and it quite detailed.

This Beautiful Batik Beauty comes from Ardmore OK - from Karen. Karen is in my Heartstrings group too. But this isn't a string quilt - okay I knew you knew that... but I just wanted to let you know that I knew that!
I put a close up of the block on it to - the quilting is wonderful.

And the last two lovelies come from Mississippi... from Ms Linda. Wrangler Man loves stars and symmetry. He was really intrigued by the star quilt. If you really study it, I think the stars all came from the same piece of fabric, just look different due to the cutting of it. I am thinking it is either a Stack and Whack quilt or something of that nature. Anyways - we all loved it!
Ladies - thank you so much for contributing to our No Soldier Forgotten project. As you know there are many wounded soldiers coming back every day. I know these quilts will let them feel our love!


Amy said...

I love the blue quilt.. I also love the design for quilting, I finally got my frame cleared off and going to do 2 for Linus.. talk at ya soon.

Kim said...

lots of lovely quilts going to a wonderful cause.

Pat said...

I love looking at all the quilts you share! Don't stop sharing!

Helen in the UK said...

You've shared lots of wonderful quilts the last few months. But that stack-n-whack star quilt is a real show stopper!! Bet the recipinet of that one will be stunned :)