Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I was Emailing with a friend, and the phrase came up - its not about you, its about Me... and I thought ..ooh yeah .. thats what this year is going to be: All about Me... so are you ready for my new years resolutions for the Year of Me?


1. Quilts of Valor: Yep - Still makes me Happy. Makes me Really Really happy. Makes me happy to see others enjoy the value of a quilt, makes me happy to see people realize that they are loved, and makes me really happy to see people want to share the love.


2. Make a quilt for a Family Member: I have picked one member per year in my extended family to make a quilt for. I don't think it is a secret anymore - as I have done it for 3 years. But, hopefully this (2009) years reciepent will be surprised.


3. Cleaning House:

Nope, doesn't make me happy. I hereby bequeath these responsibilities to my boys - Ahhh. Now that makes me happy!

` On another note though: If I invite you to come over for dinner at 5pm, you had better come at 4pm to clean up the house. That way when you "really" come at 5pm the house is presentable for you!!!


4. Laundry:

Nope - not doing it for me either. Any Volunteers? Wrangler Man, did I see your hand go up??


5. Cooking:

Okay - here goes. To make healthier food that we all can eat. I have always been a picky eater - and now I am about to get pickier. We have always had food alleriges - but mine have become a little more so. So seriously I need to learn to cook with other ingredients and be healthy!


6. Fabric Shopping:

Yep, its all about me! Very rarely has a fabric purchase made me unhappy, unless of course I don't buy enough. I must remedy how about, I only buy fabric with a project, or a plan in mind or to finish a current project?? That one needs work still! Fabric makes me happy.


7. Quilt making:

Oh yeah! I have finished off my UFO's in 08. So.... I have 4 works ready to go ( I think). I have the fabrics, and the patterns. My sewing area has been decluttered ( I moved the clutter to Wrangler Mans office... Bwahh haa Haa). So I am ready to go!


8. Blogging:

This is fun! I have met the coolest people thru this medium. I have also learned a lot thru others' blogs. Plus.... I need to hear all the Ohhhing and Ahhhing over all these amazing quilts!!!


Okay - thats my resolutions for the Year of Me.. I think I might be missing a few things. I realize I skipped the topic of Chocolate. But I am pretty well set at the moment with that. My dad bought me some verns toffee ( ), and I have some Dove Dark Chocolate, and it is healthy , what with the antioxidents and all.


So - what are your resolutions? Any good ones to share?

Happy New Year!!


Stephanie D said...

I am LOVING your list!

BTW, we tried the crockpot chicken cordon bleu this evening--only I didn't have Swiss cheese because neither of us cares much for it, so we did pepperjack instead. (Yeah, I know.)

I think I left it in the slowcooker a little long, because, despite the presence of mucho "gravy" to spoon over it, the chicken breasts were a little dry, as if I should have marinated them. But we'll definitely be having that again!

Oh, and my un-resolution is on my blog today. If you come over, be sure to scroll down for the iPod Fame post and comments--it's really getting interesting!

Pat said...

I LOVE your list too! A Year of Me...very interesting :)

Amy said...

I understand about the "ME" new year. sometimes it has to be about us. I am finishing my Orange Crush and as soon as I get the borders on it I want to get it to YOU.... along with these pillowcases.. we may only have until the end of the month... I would hate to have to ship them when we are not real far away. PLEASE, make time for "me" have a great wknd

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it! The year of ME!! That's my kind of year..:-)

Shari in AZ