Sunday, January 18, 2009

We have more than 300!

These three Quilts of Valor came from Rebecca in WI. She and I have been internet friends for a few years - and she is so sweet. She is also a great resource of patterns. All of these are quilted , bound and ready to go!


Thanks Rebecca!!


The next 3 quilts were tops. two from Colorado and one from New Jersey. All three went to Louisana, to Loretta, to get quilted, and are now back here to be bound. The kids at school are graphing where all the quilts come from, so I am not sure how they will classify these. May be a little challenge.

This first quilt top was made by Erica of the Livermore Church Quilters. I showed you the top in a previous post. The one with Stars was made by Julie, and freehand quilted. Loretta did a beautiful job!

Lastly - this red quilt was made by Grace G from New Jersey. She is a member of the Wind Rose Quilt guild. in Somerspoint NJ. Loretta chose to quilt a Baptist Fan pattern on it - and it is so appropriate - it looks wonderful!

This challenge is gaining Noteriety. We have been on a few other blogs..

Amys Blog ~


Very Cool huh!
I am all planned for quilting tomorrow. I will be quilting QOV's and when my kids come home from school - they are going to start sewing strips for a strip twist quilt ( from )


Vicki W said...

Congratulations on the milestone! I know you'll make 400 easy. The star quilt is super nice!

Jeanne said...

It's so exciting watching the numbers grow. I'm positive you'll reach the 400 total.

Amy said...

Ooooo....Loretta's quilt is BEAUTIFUL!
I have SO loved perusing your blog at all the gorgeous EYE-CANDY! Wow---what an amazingly generous outpouring of quilts! I appreciate all the recognition you give to every quilt that comes your way. Wonderful!
Thanks for acknowledging the link from my blog to yours as well. Happy MLK Day!
-Amy (NW WI)

Anonymous said...

Hey Alycia.... how fun it is to see a quilt on there that i quilted for someone and to know it was sent to you!!!! it's the fish one from Rebecca in WI!!!! Your doing a great job and I'm thrilled to have been able to help you reach the goal you set!

Jackie D. in NY