Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday stuff

Well a day without internet sort of changes your perspective on a few things. Last night about 7 pm my internet connection went off, and didn't come back. I was worried - cuz I like my email and surfing around on Saturday mornings. It was not meant to be. Instead we played baseball, swept the porch, worked on vehicles, and basically had fun. I even sewed a row or 2 together on a quilt. As you can guess - its back now ( and we are watching Wall-E)

We live kind of away from town and have well water. We don't have a lot of well water, and last nite at 10pm we had NO water. I was obviously was really concerned. I sent Wrangler Man to see if we had left something dripping and I fell asleep. One of our spickets had frozen open a few weeks ago, and with the 60 degree day yesterday, it defrosted - allowing water to pump thru it.... a lot of water.... so we ran out. By this morning the water was back. Very helpful... all this to say - I could not do laundry either - as we were waiting for the cistern to fill back up!
But I could Oogle quilts.... Let me show you a few!!
This cream one at the top left, with 4 patches hails from Louisana. Gayle W made and quilted it! She siad she was given some small scraps and this is what she came up with... I am impressed. I usually faint at the sight of small pieces *grin*
Next we have an Orange Crush top from Amy In Colorado. ( The Orange Crush was a Mystery quilt from Bonnie at . She also has a pattern on her site called the Strip Twist. My kiddos and I are making that one out of Patriotics! Oh And Amy had 3 pillowcases for us as well!

Next - we have a quilt made and quilted by Kris B in PA. She also quilted tops for us ( see )
I love how the fabric made the blocks so geometrical!

Thanks Ladies - for all your help. We sure appreciate it, and I know the soldiers will too!
Enjoy your evening. I am going to do a little surfing now. I missed it this morning. I need to see all the cool quilty stuff!! Leave me a link to your blog and I'll come visit!

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Amy said...

I love the first quilt in your post. is it just 9 patches and squares? wow thanks for posting my pic..and I love the quilt with fabric stripes, does change the look of it.