Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lots of Quilts!

Arlene from IL sews with a groups of ladies that are VERY prolific! Earlier in the fall I met up with two wonderful ladies that had volunteered to transport a HUGE load of quilts. Then I got another email from Arlene. One of the ladies in her guild was coming to Colorado to visit her family for Christmas. Could I meet up with her and get some more quilts.... well, More was and understatement! There were LOTS!!!!.


My youngest son was in the backseat of the truck, and he was barely visible! It was awesome. I met Frances, her son and daughter in law ( or maybe it was daughter and son in law) in a little itty bitty town of Hudson. They were the nicest people. And very trusting. I said exit and Hudson and go south to the gas station. I couldn't even give a name of the gas station - but I think there is only one station in town ....


So here is the first post of pictures. I want you to keep coming back and visiting, so I will bribe you with the promise of MORE quilt pictures!

~Yesterday my kiddos all had to go back to school. Winter break was officially over. Now that they have gone back one day, they think it is time for another break. Of course, I had a batrillion errands to run, so I did that. Today is the first full day back to work for me, I miss the goofing off too ... just don't let the boys know that. They will never let me live it down!
Have a great one!

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